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Testimonials from Clients in Their Teens to 20s…

I have discovered the secret to motivating teen-agers to work. The secret is Fatima Valeras.

My daughter needed to do something to strengthen her dance performance and renew her desire to excel in competition. We began with Fatima once a week and my daughter enjoyed it so much that we have increased it to twice a week. If she could she would work out with Fatima every day.

I have enjoyed this arrangement too because with a minimum amount of murmuring my daughter has increased her work load at home to help pay for the sessions and has even started practicing the piano again (she vowed she would never touch the piano again). On rare occasions, like all teen-agers, my daughter has forgotten about her part in paying for the sessions and has had to forfeit a day with Fatima. Needless to say that life quickly returns to order and Fatima is always willing to work with us Parents to teach these young adults how to be healthy in every aspect of their lives.

Fatima is tough at times and I’m always surprised at what she can get out of my daughter. Her leg strength has really increased and because of that her technique has improved as well. On the other had, Fatima is very aware on any given day how my daughter is feeling physically and emotionally and adjusts accordingly. Fatima is very knowledgeable and professional and instills a sense of trust in her clients. My daughter knows she is in good hands and appreciates that Fatima is always very positive and encouraging. She really feels like Fatima believes in her and is cheering for her success.

Besides a renewed excitement for her sport and competition there have been many other unintended results of working with Fatima. My daughter is a more confident young lady and is learning the importance of setting goals, disciplining herself to achieve those goals and realizing that she really does have a lot of potential for improvement in many areas of her life. Spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially; in all of these areas she has increased her feelings of self worth and appreciates the possibilities in herself and others as well. Now she enjoys encouraging all of her friends to set goals and work hard, especially her fellow dancers. I feel like she has become a good, positive example for others in so many ways.

Thank you Fatima!!

Loraine L. on her daughter Victoria L.
Las Vegas,NV.


gina6I hadn’t seen my fiance in six months [due to military deployment] and I wanted to look better than he had ever seen me for our wedding. Fatima was willing to work around my crazy, ever-changing schedule to get me to my goal. She helped me manage and correct my eating habits and gave me the tools to succeed for the long run. In the twelve weeks we worked together I gained strength, lost 15 lbs, lost inches all over my body, and became a healthier, happier me. I would highly recommend Fatima as a workout trainer to anyone looking to get into a healthier body. Thank you Fatima!

Mrs. Gina Rodriguez
Las Vegas,NV


Fatima has turned my ineffective regular routine of working out into a healthy sustainable one where I’m constantly progressing. When Fatima first asked me what I wanted to get out of a personal trainer, I told her I wanted to learn a healthier way to live, become core strong, and have a defined body. Over the last three months of working with her, she has built a specialized plan just for me and my body type to accomplish these goals. She is totally worth the financial commitment. There are many people out there who feel dissatisfied with their physical appearance, but do nothing about it. Not only do I feel great, but I’m confident about my food choices and portions(I’m actually eating more than I ever have in my life and I’m still losing body fat!), and people are actually commenting on the physical differences in my body. In addition to this, I had back problems that kept me visiting the chiropractor on a weekly basis. I haven’t been to the chiropractor in 2 months and I feel great. Before, there were times when I couldn’t sit down for more than an hour in a business meeting without being in pain. My stress level is also managed more effectively. I work for a major liquor supplier as a sales market manager in town, and not only is my schedule very hectic and always changing (Fatima has been very accommodating and flexible), but I was wound up so tight from difficult customers to distributor and market obstacles that I was having trouble sleeping at night and walking around always in a tired state. My regular physician had even prescribed muscle relaxers for my back to help me fall asleep at night. I only took them every once in a while if I knew there was something big the next day I needed a full 8 hours of sleep for, but stress was the real culprit behind everything. When Fatima first started working with me, she would always have to tell me release the tension in my neck and shoulders to do the exercises I was trying to execute. It really has made me focus on developing the muscles in my back that I never really concentrated on strengthening before. This has resulted in better posture and no back pain. Also, Fatima has taught me the importance of stretching and massage. So to summarize in short, I am completely happy with Fatima and her overall energy and commitment to me. I truely believe God sent her to me! I had asked Him for a personal trainer that was professional and two days later I saw her training a client in the gym and heard her speaking to this woman about the specific way the body part they were working on connects to the rest of the body and it intrigued me. I had never heard another trainer speak so in detail about the body before and I knew she was The One!

Dayna Kovacic


Prior to training with Fatima I forced myself to the gym only to get bored by falling into the same workout routine. With no results, it was easy to skip days then weeks due to lack of motivation. I soon found myself “out of shape” and uncomfortable with my body. My partner introduced me to Fatima and after the initial consultation I knew I was beginning a lifestyle change with a professional passionate about fitness. Seeing my fair share of trainers chatting and joking with their clients around the gym, something told me it was going to be a different experience with Fatima . Boy was I right! From our first training session was and has been all business. I have my results to show for it. In only a few short months I am down to a healthy size 2, gaining muscle mass and losing body fat. Whereas before I was bored and dreading the gym, now I look forward to each and every session with Fatima. Fatima has not only transformed my body but my self-esteem as well. I am comfortable with my body and I know I would not have accomplished this achievement without the help of Fatima Valeras.

Ilivia Uribe


Two years ago I had back surgery from a dance injury. Five steel rods implanted into my spine, left me feeling weak and out of shape in the aftermath. I knew I need to get healthy and more fit for me. Before working with Fatima Valeras, I couldn’t exercise without a lot of pain. Although I can tolerate quite a bit of pounding on my body as a professional dancer, I found that I needed lots of help with my general strength and my flexibility too. My success with the training has been better than I thought it could be. Not only have I lost some weight and some inches working with Fatima , I am grateful that she has also helped to motivate me toward other things in life like going to school. Dropping those two or three dress sizes makes all the difference in how I feel and what I can accomplish.

Toni Cox


If you are thinking of quickly losing the weight, then Fatima is not for you. But, if you are dedicated and want long-term, good results to last for a lifetime, and you are ready for hard work, then Fatima is [the trainer] for you.

Batis Malekpour
Client since 2004





Working with Fatima has completely opened my eyes and has given me the knowledge that I need to change my life. Fatima ‘s words of wisdom has not only given me the will to make that change, but the strength to believe in myself. Each session with Fatima is a great learning experience. During each exercise she always lets you know what muscle is doing the movement and the correct way to do it. Before I became a client of Fatima ‘s, I would see her working with other clients. The first thing I noticed about her is the little notebook that she always was carrying with her. Now that I’m working with her I know that she uses that notebook to make notes of your progress during each different exercise. WOW! Isn’t that professionalism.

Christina G.
Las Vegas, NV


Challenging, motivating, and exciting are just some words to describe the workouts Fatima creates for her clients. Every workout is different and I always looked forward to a session. Whenever I felt like I was getting comfortable she would throw something new at me that was a entire new challenge for my mind and body. Every session I was pushed and I did excersises I never imagined that I could do. I became STRONGER than I ever could imagine. I also appreciated that she made me feel like her only client. Fatima is so focused which ultimately made kept me focused on my fitness goals.

The change in my body was amazing. My clothes not only fit me better but I stand with better posture and line. My body exudes confidence that I didn’t have before I started my sessions with Fatima

Mariana Peterson


Fatima is always much focused when working out with each client to ensure that you get every penny that you pay for. The work-outs are filled with non-stop action to keep your heart rate pumping. Each training session incorporates new exercises and you rarely do the same exercise twice. Work-outs are never boring because you are always challenging yourself with something new. As long as you do your part by eating right and doing your homework on your off days you will definitely see results. Fatima incorporates more than just the typical personal trainer by providing nutritional guidance as well as utilizing her educational background in kinesiology. She is continually furthering her education to keep up to date on the information that is most important to her clients. If you are looking to work hard and get real results, Fatima is the trainer for you.

Christel Stewart


I have never been overweight and did not want to become so. But, in June, I began a new that required me to sit for long hours every day and stare, hunch-backed, at a computer screen. To combat this new and sluggish work environment, I spent every extra dollar of mine on Fatima. Although I am typically chinsy, I do not regret the financial commitment. And here is why:

1) Fatima knows her stuff. (She looked at my body, it’s tendency to slouch, it’s muscle composition, and introduced me to exercises that shaped formerly non-existent muscles into existence)

2) Fatima always introduces inventive ways to engage uncooperative muscles. (The week before last it was the “gliders” and last week it was this half-ball squishy thing combined with pull ups -hire Fatima and she’ll show you what I’m talking about)

3) Fatima incorporates her yoga/pilates expertise to compliment the weight lifting. (In every session, I learn a new stretch that I end up doing at work, at home, in front of the t.v., by the pool…etc.)

4) Fatima provides educational articles to people like me who like to read & learn more. (the last one she shared with me was about broccoli)

5) Fatima helps me set personal and realistic goals to kick bad habits. (I have reduced drinking from 8-16 drinks per week to no more than 10 per month–that’s right; read those figures again; I’m not exaggerating).

6) Fatima is professional and responsive. (She never talks to anyone else at the gym while working with you; she responds within 24 hours to e-mails).

Fatima is not one of those annoying ex-coach, wanna be drill seargent-type trainers. She is not an inexperienced, just beginning, copy-cat trainer that frequents Vegas gyms. She has been training for a long time, and I can promise that no trainer at the gym is wiser.

While I planned on only a few months of training whle I transitioned into my new job, I have now worked Fatima into my regular monthly budget and schedule. She’s worth every penny.

Mamie Peers
Henderson, NV


DinaI had been spinning my wheels in the gym, working hard and making little progress for years before I realized that while I go through the motions on weights, my form is way off. In less than four months I have seen more changes in the muscle tone of my body than I have ever been able to produce on my own. My entire body is taking a new shape: my arms are toned, my back is lean, my core is tight, and my legs are defined. Without Fatima tweaking my body into proper form I was wasting my gym time, and while I was strong and relatively lean to begin with – 61, size 30 jeans – my body is making the change from “acceptable” to “incredible!” I am building the lean and toned body that I want to have for the rest of my life, with a trainer who pushes me with drills that work my whole body, so every hour gets me closer to my desired look. I didn’t need a trainer to get me to the gym, to make me put my time in. I needed somebody who could take me from “active” to something better, stronger, leaner I wanted to LOOK like I worked out, and I already do!

Dina B.


Fatima has been very motivational in helping me reach my fitness goals. As someone who is very intimidated by gyms and working out, I had failed at many other attempts. Fatima creates a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and her variety in workouts keeps it interesting. Since working with Fatima I have more energy, feel stronger and healthier, and look forward to working out and staying healthy. She has helped me improve my diet, and guides me with different classes and cardio routines to do on my own time. Fatimas knowledge and encouragement has helped me succeed unlike any other program I’ve tried.

Sarah Carter


Since my four and a half year romantic relationship ended, I thought that I had lost everything that had any worth in my life. I was mentally, emotionally, spritiually, and most importantly: physically drained. Who knew that giving up anymore of what was important in life would have made me hit rock bottom, hard. I was at the point in my life where I knew something deep down inside had to change and that it must come within myself.

I decided to train with Fatima Valeras based soley on needing a motivational set “appointment” to get to. Highly recommended by other clients, I was impressed by her numerous fitness credentials and extensive experience, working with a variety of people. Because my work and life schedules are incredibly packed with things-to-do by the clock, I mostly wanted to set a firm commitment toward someone who would give it her all just like me, to tone my entire being.

Like most women, I am obsessed with cardio, cardio, cardio and I knew that my routine needed tweaking in order to get results that I wanted. Fatima not only tweaked my routine but my LIFE. She laid down the law on a nutrition plan to support my fitness goals, added weight training (because you can’t tone, if you’re always on a stair master or treadmill), and mostly, corrected my form anywhere and everywhere it needed HELP. My new favorite exercise is lunges. Believe me when I tell you that lunges at 5AM or whenever get there, will get you killer legs for sure!

It has been six months since I have started my sessions with Fatima and I have noticed myself looking forward to our early morning sessions, becoming stronger and lean. I start my day with the mindset that I can do anything and be anything, especially after working my butt off to get from my former size 6 when we first started, to a happy size 2.

As a fitness buff, watching Fatima Valeras run Boston’s 112th Marathon has also has inspired me to aspire toward more running as well. Who goes that far without having a purpose? She does. Training to run the Las Vegas Half Marathon is my goal and I am looking forward to getting there with the help of Fatima.

Training with and Fatima Valeras, really gives a whole new meaning to the saying: what doesn’t kill you, must make you stronger. You just got to believe and do, like me.

Theresa Dekoekkoek
Las Vegas, NV


2005 was both the most joyous and devastating year of my life. I was pregnant with my first child and living in my birth city of New Orleans , LA. I was there when hurricane Katrina hit and evacuation for the safety of my unborn child meant leaving New Orleans [toward family] in Las Vegas – fast. Everything was lost: my memories of growing up and all the history that is my hometown of New Orleans . Despite all the stress, sadness, frustration, and anger I was feeling, thankfully I delivered a health baby girl! It took until January 1, 2006 for me to get past my challenges and to decide to move forwardto choose to celebrate lifeand to make only those changes that were positive for me. I began looking inward and started working on what I could change to make me feel good about everything that was different. I tried working out at a gym on my own but quickly lost my motivation.

To avoid repeating this, I sought out a personal trainer but not just ANY trainer. I wanted someone who knew the physiology and anatomy of the body; someone who knew of the trouble spots women struggle with; and someone who was not only personable but stern. Took me a few months but I found her in August 2006. Fatima Valeras aims high but I tell you its worth it. She is probably the most positive person I know. Fatima pushes me to keep going not only physically but in terms of spiritually, she has been the most influential person, too. When I started having problems during our workouts – specifically with the function of my right hip – Fatima alternated and adjusted our routines to accommodate this deficiency. She also suggested supplemental therapies like sports massage/body work to help manage my only recently discovered lumbar scoliosis. It was no surprise that from this diagnosis, our routines changed immediately from general fitness to whatever it takes to accommodate my daily condition.

With Fatimas extensive knowledge of the human body, we do exercises that not only train my body but also keep my particular needs in mind. THAT is why training with her is important to me.

Alana Mercadel
New Orleans, LA


Testimonials from Clients in Their 30s…


CMunnI have been working out with Fatima since June of 2012 (9 months). Unfortunately though, I’ve been battling weight since 2006. When I went to graduate school, my routines began to change. I couldn’t seem to find the time to work out, cook healthy food, or take good care of myself. The summer of 2007, I started to understand how being overweight was going to affect my quality of life long term. I got engaged that summer, and I did not want to walk down the aisle at 174 lb, which was my heaviest weight.

I began to make a change then. I joined weight watchers and began to work out about 3 hours per week using home videos like “The Firm” and “Billy Blanks Tae Bo.” By counting points and getting more active, I got down to 133 lb by my wedding date in August 2008. I stayed steady by continuing weight watchers and working out 2 to 4 times a week until I moved to Las Vegas in 2011. Once I started a new job, moved to a new house, and added a little stress to my routine, I worked out less and ate more foods that were unhealthy for me. My husband and I like to eat at restaurants a lot, and that was a major downfall for my weight! I got back up to 140 lb and then decided I needed to begin taking better care of myself. I began to try to do weight watchers again and do the “Insanity” workouts. This lasted a couple months, and then I went back to the same old unhealthy routine. Lucky for me, 2 girls I work with recommended Fatima Valeras as a personal trainer. She and I had a meeting in June 2012, and my transformation began.

Since I started working with Fatima, my outlook on fitness has completely changed. I truly understand now what a commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle is. Fatima doesn’t just come into the gym, work out with me for an hour, and then wish me luck on the rest of the week. She hasn’t just trained my body physically. She is my nutritionist, masseuse, and my counselor as well, as my physical trainer. She has helped my find better options for dealing with stress, and helped me have confidence in what I can accomplish by working hard. By definition a trainer is someone who guides another person in developing physical fitness. Defined, training has specific goals of improving one’s capability, capacity, and performance. Fatima fits these descriptions, and goes beyond these expectations at each workout.

Today, I am 125 lb (~10 lb loss), I have lost a total of about 14 inches. My body mass index has changed from 24% fat to 19% fat. I am healthier now than I was in high school where I was playing tennis and running track. I feel more energetic, and I feel equipped to make confident decisions on how to eat and how to work out. Where I used to exercise 3 hours weekly, I want to exercise 6 hours (and I want to do it; I’m excited about it). Where I used to hike 3 to 4 miles, I hike 9 or 10. I am so thankful to Fatima for changing my life. I never could have accomplished this level of fitness without her.

Christina Munn


lisak_2_webFatima is much more than a personal trainer. I originally picked her because I saw her training a client and was impressed with how focused she was on that client and the exercises she had her doing. I wanted someone to hold me accountable and help me get an amazing body. I had no idea when I started that I would get so much more out of the experience. As I continued working out with Fatima, it became less about the pounds and more about finding balance.

Finding balance between enjoying good food and making healthy choices…finding the balance between juggling a work schedule and a workout schedule. It means knowing when I need yoga more than weights. It means acknowledging when I fall off the wagon and knowing how to get myself back on track. It means doing all this because I WANT to and not because I feel guilty if I don’t or because I’m trying to achieve the perfect body that society says I should have.

I’m a work in progress. By no means do I have that ‘amazing body’ that I wanted when I first started. But I also have more realistic expectations based off what I know I’m willing to do. I’m better able to maintain a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable for me for the long run. Fatima was very encouraging and patient as I went through this process. She pushed when I needed a push, encouraged me to do my first half-marathon, and offered support and guidance every step of the way.

I highly recommend Fatima. She’s been a trainer, a masseuse, a therapist, a running coach, a mentor, and best of all, a friend.

Lisa Kalkes



When I moved to Vegas in 2008 I began working as a full-time photographer and no longer had a sedentary lifestyle. My weight has fluctuated since my mid twenties so I finally decided to join LVAC in early 2010 but only went sporadically because working out for me was gymnastics, I was bored at the gym. Finally in the summer of 2010 I decided to start taking some classes, one of which was Fatima’s Yoga class, the classes I took were more along the lines of what I felt working out should be about because it was enjoyable.

I began working with Fatima at the beginning of 2011. I decided it was time for me to become healthier, but I also knew I needed help. I used to be able to eat just about anything in sight without gaining a pound but my metabolism had slowed down and I didn’t know how to eat right. Fatima helped me with my menu by first seeing what and how much I eat and then giving me examples and suggestions on what else to eat or not eat. I was shocked and even a little embarrassed when I wrote out what and how much I ate every day. It was a struggle for me, especially at first but it was an eye opener.

Fatima knows what she is doing but also doesn’t claim to know it all (which is a very good thing). I have more than just my knee injury to consider when I do any kind of working out. My body is kind of out of whack and sometimes it is more than just one side being dominant over the other. I have a fairly high tolerance for pain and can/have worked through it but as Fatima says, discomfort is fine, pain is not. I’m pretty aware of what my body can and cannot do but Fatima helped me to become even more aware anytime I would struggle with something or have to stop she would question me as to what/where/why and find another option for me. She recognizes that everyone’s body is different.

Fatima truly cares about her work and her clients. She is caring and motivational and from the moment I approached her about training I knew I had made the right choice. She is a joy to just be around and training with her is a privilege.

Megan K.
Las Vegas,NV.


Four years of South Texas football weight training, four years of soccer drills, and four years of track and field wind sprints did not prepare me well for the training possibilities at Vegas Personal Trainer ( Like many of the guys with whom I attended high school, my athletically regimented body paid off for four years. After all, why would I need to lift weights and do cardio since I weighed 135 pounds, with lean muscle and low body fat plus maintained a 28-inch waist size I paid my dues by playing high school football two days a week in 108-degree weather, running countless times up and down the soccer field, and running 800-, 400- and 200-yard sprints around the track.

When college entered into the mix, so did studying late, sleeping less, and eating poorly. After four years of college passed, so too were the size 28 jeans and the lean, toned 135 pound body. So like my peers, I decided do something about it and join a gym. This was the key to rediscovering my high school physique, right ? Wrong.

The neighborhood gym missed key components high school provided: motivation, physical education, and consistency. At the gym, no football coach blew a whistle to signal runs, jumps, or kicks; there was no strength coach teaching me weight room techniques and proper form like high school. Also, since I participated in seasonal sports all year, I moved year-round. Soccer led to football, which led to track, and then the cycle would begin anew.

After a few years of going nowhere fast with the gym, my partner said she was feeling the “body blues,” which, for her, meant not feeling comfortable in her own skin and wanting to make changes for both her health and physique. However, she did not know how or where to begin.

I realized, as I thought about the years of working out at the gym, I had noticed individuals in the gym who were working out hard, sweating profusely, and winded with their faces were red with exhaustion; yet they were energized and exhilarated. What all of these people had in common wasn’t just that they had a motivator, educator, and basic trainer. They had Fatima Valeras, a trainer who appeared to be extraordinary.

I realized she and her company, was the solution to my partner’s body blues. The experiences I had in high school with my various coaches was exactly what my partner needed. In time, my beliefs were correct; she has since written a testimonial to Fatima’s abilities to motivate, educate and provide consistency. Her testimonial, and the testimonials of others, can be read on the site, by clicking on the “Works in Progress” menu on the home page.

But the story does not end there. After all, I was still plugging along, on my own, when I returned to graduate school. Having survived the undergraduate years, I gave no thought to gaining the dreaded “Freshman 15,” the weight first-year students tend to gain do to unrestricted buffet-style meals and a more sedentary lifestyle. For me, by pursuing a graduate degree as well, the “Freshman 15” turned to the “Graduate Student 30.” Since my partner was reaping the benefits of hard work with Fatima, I decided that I too needed help; I was not able to gain muscle and lose body fat on my own.

In gratitude to my partner for wanting to be healthier and look more attractive for me, I quietly met with Fatima to learn the training secrets my partner had embodied. I say “secrets,” because what took me a few years to accomplish on my own in the gym, my partner had accomplished in virtually no time. She went from size four to zero and had developed abs and biceps. I definitely wanted in.

Since the summer of 2007, I have been working out religiously with Fatima. Every workout session is different. What the mirror once showed as thick and flabby is now revealed as lean and muscular. I describe myself as a work in progress; I will always be a work in progress. I believe when one becomes satisfied, progression ends. I am in the never ending process of de-aging, de-stressing and defining myself.

I measure success in the gym down to one word: sweat. Sweating, to me, is a measurement of work and effort; it’s a badge of honor. It says I moved mass and did something while at the gym. Sweat says I did more than just going through the motions. If I go to the gym and walk into the locker room dry, I’ve wasted my time.

My greatest exercise motivator is results. My secret to my personal fitness success comes down to: sweat, it does my body good.

If I could be on the cover of any magazine, I would choose Men’s Health. I know it seems cliched, since I’m neither a model nor a pretty boy; I’m just an average guy seeking an above average body. So why Men’s Health ? It’s not just about being on the cover; it would be reaching a gold standard of physical health accomplished by very few. Again, it’s all about progressing toward something..

Christopher Kypuros, PhD


I have always been very active, but I’ve never been thin. I have always had that extra 15, 20 and eventually 30 pounds that I just couldn’t lose. Most weight loss programs are geared toward people trying to lose 50-plus pounds and I’ve always felt a little out of place. I’ve tried many programs, and they’ve all worked (Weight Watchers, Atkins and even diet pills). However, I finally learned that there is no quick fix when it comes to weight loss. With each program I tried, I was able to loose 10 pounds but I was never able to keep it off. I reached a point where I was either going to pay for plastic surgery or pay for a personal trainer. I did my research and realized that going under the knife, was not going to solve my problem. It was just another quick fix because without a proper diet and exercise, it would eventually all come back. I searched high and low for a personal trainer whose philosophy I was comfortable with. I had some basic needs:

1) I wanted to learn to eat healthy, but I wanted a realistic plan I could follow for life.

2) I wanted an exercise program that worked with my crazy schedule that was both challenging yet not overwhelming.

3) I also wanted a female (just a personal preference.)

4) And I was adamant that I did not want to take diet supplements because of bad past experiences.

When I first met with Fatima, I was impressed with her knowledge and initial plan for me. But I will be honest; the first few weeks were very hard. I was used to eating buffalo wings, french fries and drinking lots of beer. When she wanted to cut my caloric intake, I didn’t know if I could do it. I made a strict effort to write down every single thing that went into my mouth even if it was against our plan. You really don’t know how much you’re eating until you write it down. At first, I second-guessed Fatima and worried that I wasn’t eating enough, but that was a defensive mechanism on my part. I was looking for excuses to eat more. After the first 2-3 weeks, eating within her calorie range got much easier. In fact, I eat below her initial level now with no problems and no major cravings. And I don’t starve myself or eat rabbit food. I love to cook and I love to eat out, but I’ve found healthy, satisfying foods to replace the junk and beer. But we only live life once, so I do slip in some ice cream every now and then. As I said, this plan had to be realistic. As I was getting over the food hurdle, I was also learning to exercise right. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve used weights before and I’ve done cardio workouts before heck I own just about every workout tape on the market. But I’ve never done the right combinations of workouts. Fatima will develop the right plan for you. She knows how many calories you need to burn to lose fat to reach your goal. But don’t expect to do it all within your sessions. You have to be prepared to work on your own. When you do work with Fatima, she does checks and balances to make sure you’ve been eating right and to see if you’ve been working out on your own. There’s no sense in lying because it’s your money paying the bill and she knows what’s best for you. During your workouts, she doesn’t just show you a few techniques and watch you work. She develops a plan that is perfect for your body’s needs. The most important thing is that you provide her feedback. If something is uncomfortable or hurts, tell her. She’ll find another way to work the same muscle without affecting your problem area whether it’s knees, shoulder, back, etc., she knows many ways to work the right muscles. And don’t worry about being bored with your workouts. I don’t think I’ve ever had the same workout twice. I started the program willing to invest one month of both time and money. I figured if it wasn’t working after that time, I would be out a little bit, but I could find something else. I’ve had my highs and lows. It was tough in the beginning and I reached a plateau about eight weeks in, but Fatima encouraged me to keep working and she adjusted my plan accordingly. I’m now into my third month. I’ve met with Fatima about 30 times and I’m right on target for reaching my goal within the next six months. I’ve seen other trainers in the gym and they seem like they’re helping out their clients, but I honestly feel like I have the best trainer at LVAC-Green Valley. Has it been as cheap as some infomercial gimmick? No. Has the weight loss been quick? No. Has it been easy? No.But has it been worth it? You bet! Every penny.

I have lost fat and gained muscle. My body is getting toned and my clothes are getting loose.

Ihave lost bad habits and learned to live a life of healthy ones. Simple things like picking wheat foods or lean meat is not as hard as it might seem.

But most importantly, I have done it the right way for the first time in my life. I feel healthy, fit and sexy and I am only 30 percent of the way there. I can only imagine how I’ll feel once I reach my ultimate goal.

And I know I couldn’t have done it without Fatima. How do I know? Because I’ve tried.

TJ Vanover


The professionalism of Fatima Valeras, her encouragement and her training techniques have given me the invaluable gift of a better understanding of body mechanics, a healthier diet and an energized my soul. As a former athlete, I came to Fatima with extra weight, old injuries and aches and she taught me lifelong skills on how to position my feet, hips and knees to protect joints and avoid future injuries.

As a PhD candidate, I have to admit that writing the requisite daily menus was very challenging with my chaotic schedule. However, I committed and managed and I looked forward to Fatima’s weekly feedback and smiley faces on my chart as I progress in my program. I thought you were crazy by meeting me at 4AM to start our sessions and soon realized that you meant business! Whatever it takes, right?

At first some of the yoga poses and stretches that Fatima introduced me to seemed impossible with my curvy figure but soon I got stronger and conquered them to my surprise – without knee aches and of course sweating my heart out.

Thank you, Fatima, for inspiring me to push my inner strength and helped me to better understand menu: fiber, carbs, protein and fats!

With sincere care and both feet facing forward.

Annie Macias

The time between deciding I wanted a trainer and finding Fatima was very short, I knew this was something I wanted and needed to do and I was tired of sitting around! I used to be active all my life and I realized I just wasn’t doing anything. I knew I needed a jump start to get myself going again. I wanted to be strong and healthy again, and I needed that motivation every day, which I used to have and never questioned.

Once starting my routine, Fatima taught me to cut out some bad foods (mostly alcohol), which I weaned out of over the course of a few weeks, and I learned what good foods to supplement my diet with, but I found the most difficult thing I dealt with was what had sunk my motivation to begin with: a lack of time, or what I perceived as a lack of time, to work out. I was so sedentary at work; I had to push myself to get up and go afterwards. But as one week turned into one month and a month turned into three and more, an hour a day became no big deal; I even looked forward to it. It gave me a chance to release the stress of the day. I saw results as some of my exercises became easier and I could progress into longer stretches, sometimes I go for 90 minutes of bike riding or jogging just because I’m on a roll, or trying more difficult routines (because I want to see if I can do it!). Each session with Fatima is varied and the combination of different routines makes me more aware of my strengths, my weaknesses and what’s changing in my body as I continue to develop in training. Plus, having my husband notice the physical results doesn’t hurt either.

But knowing that I can now do things, like hiking, better than I used to without stopping – I feel stronger. I walk taller, I want to do things I would normally shy away from, becoming that active, healthy, strong person again has given me that confidence that I’d been lacking for several years. I no longer live to sit in an office and work, I’m living for myself. My workouts are what I do for me and are expectations and challenges I meet with no one else to judge, and I feel proud of how far I’ve come. Fatima’s given me the motivation and education I’ve been looking for and I look forward to every week’s new challenge.

Jill Donnelly


I have been working with Fatima for almost two years and I am still amazed at the changes I have made not only physically but also mentally. Within the first month of working with Fatima , I noticed a huge change in the way my clothes fit, my energy level and overall outlook on life. It was such a confidence booster. Training not only changed my outward appearance, it also changed my inward appearance. Fatima was able to keep me on track and helps me to look forward to working out.

Candace Bailey
Enterprise, AL


It is my belief that individuals are drawn to her style of training because of the education she has and instills in them. She is one of the most consummate professionals I know and a true ambassador for our profession.

Jane Cox
Wellness Manager, Canyon Ranch SpaClub


I have been going to the gym inconsistently for years. I read fitness magazines, research workout online and I figured I knew what I was doing. Oh, was I so wrong. My first consultation with Fatima, I was blown away with how detailed she was. She noticed everything about my body, and took it all into consideration before preparing a program specifically designed for my body and for my goals. Every workout is different and continually challenges me according to my current fitness level. Fatima gives me her full attention the entire session, and does not waste a minute of it (even when I try to distract her so I can catch my breath). I love the results I’m seeing and would have honestly never achieved them on my own. Even though I have had a few setbacks the last month, she hasn’t given up on me. Fatima’s knowledge, dedication, and brutal honesty makes her an outstanding trainer. I’m spoiled now and can’t imagine having anyone else train me. Once you’ve experienced a workout with Fatima, I guarantee you will feel the same way.

Also, you must check out her spin and yoga classes!

Jennifer Lord


I enjoy our sessions tremendously, I feel so much better about myself. You are such an intent and dedicated trainer, and you have a great way of motivating and building [a person] up.

If anyone asks about a trainer, you can count on my recommendation. I have truly enjoyed, and learned from, the [training] sessions we had. Thank you so much for pushing me and helping me.

Karen B.


I can always count on Fatima to conduct trainings that reflect the Nautilus Institute philosophies and adapt to the needs of the participants.

We value Fatima as a team member, presenter and ambassador.

Kari Kolbo
Nautilus Institute, Education Services Manager


I met Fatima while in my 5 month of pregnancy. I had started taking her Yoga class and liked her practical approach: not too technical but all of the necessary information to do it correctly and effectively. At the time I was starting to look around for a trainer I could work with after the baby was born. I had a feeling I would be too tired, too stressed and too bummed about the uphill battle of getting back into shape. Turns out, I was all of those things but decided I seriously needed some help. I felt as though I had a decent background of what I would need to do to get back into shape, but I felt I was going to need more than that to make it work. So I called Fatima and discussed my goals. She really took the time to understand my limitations and do the research to make my goals attainable. I love Fatima’s practical approach to everything: diet, food, exercise, rest, etc. Now a year has past and I still find our workouts incredibly challenging. Things of which I am certain: I am stronger than ever. Additionally, I am performing exercises that I used to avoid due to injury.

Let me also tell you what NOT to expect:

– Fatima will not follow you around on the circuit machines in the silly order that they are set-up.

– You will not find her taking phone calls or chatting with the other trainers about their weekend during your time.

– Don’t expect her to go easy on you; not for the faint of heart.

If you are serious about getting into shape, look no further Fatima will tailor make a program to achieve your goals. And just know you will become familiar with every piece of equipment in the gym.

Kimberly Turner
Viginia Beach, VA


First, I would like to say, “Thank You” for being patience and understanding. I have been with you for 3 months now and have seen excellent results due to learning the correct physics of weight training. My body has adjusted to many changes in the last few months which included working out 3 times a week and, eating better and, even getting enough sleep. I have to say that I’m happy that I choose you and, have had the opportunity to learn from you. When I say Thank You it’s because you are truly knowledgeable of your job and I really appreciate it. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for our next quarter.

Katrina S.


How can you explain that someone has transformed you in a few sentences?  After pregnancy and delivery did a number on my body like invasion of the body snatchers, I needed help to find my body in the huge flabby lump I had become.  Fatima started my transformation with diet guidance, positive motivation, and an ever changing/challenging workout routine.  When training with Fatima, she is 100% focused on her client.  She watches you to make sure you are getting the most out of an exercise, as well as to protect you from injury.  She motivates you with her infectious positive attitude, she changed my mindset. I am more positive and relaxed that I have ever been.  In the beginning she told me she would get me out of my maternity clothes, before I knew it, I was packing away the last piece!  She told me I would feel better, I have endless energy to keep up with my baby boy!  She told me my skinny jeans would fit again.  That’s my only problem, my skinny jeans don’t fit. They are TOO BIG!

Kristie Cranford
New Mom


Meeting Fatima has been a life changing experience. Before I met Fatima I was a typical yoyo dieter, always fluctuating 20 pounds. When I met Fatima I was finally done with trying to find a magic pill that would help lose the weight without having to put in the work that needed to be accomplished. At 35 years old I knew gravity was starting to take over, I knew I had to make a change in my life plus I had wedding day coming around the corner, which was my goalto look fabulous in my wedding dress. I have had personal trainers in the past but none of them compare to the detail comprehension that Fatima does on clients. She wanted to know why I gained and lost weight, what type of eater was I, my commitment to changing my lifestyle. What I have loved most about working out with Fatima is that no two workouts are ever the same. She takes no whining or excuses (she has heard them all) and rewards when she sees you putting in the work necessary to accomplish your goal. It has been a tough road, I am much harder on myself but the progress has been amazing. I now understand that changing my eating patterns plus the training sessions and cardio have turned my body into what I have always desired, plus I now have that curvy booty that doesnt drag down into my thighs.

Haydee Fernandez
Fairbanks, AK


I have never worked out with a trainer before, but if I had I am positive that Fatima would be better than any of them.

At first, I was leery to hire a trainer because I did not know if I had the motivation it took to stick with a training program, but Fatima made it very easy for me to keep going. I love that I have someone that I am accountable to so I have to show up, and now, actually look forward to showing up too.

Every day Fatima offers some new challenge that I enjoy so much, because it is what I have to accomplish as part of the training. I always leave the gym feeling like I’ve worked my butt off, and the results have been wonderful. That our training routine it is always different—no same old same old—which is something I really enjoy. I like that Fatima is very knowledgeable and whatever questions I have, she has had an answer for almost immediately. She knows what she’s talking about and it shows. I have had several people come up to me and tell me that I look great and I have my trainer, Fatima, to thank for that.

More important, I am afraid that I’ve become addicted to training so much so that I just might become a life long client! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who asks.

Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals.

Leslie Beville
Client since 2004


I have been working with Fatima for six months now and not only have I changed physically but she has changed my way of thinking when it comes to weight training, diet and positive mental being. Our sessions are so much different than any kind of workout I have done before. Not only are you far more educated than any of the personal trainers I have used in the past, but your focus to your clients individual needs goes beyond what I have ever seen in the business! Our sessions are never boring and I never see you doing the same routines with me as you do with your other clients. Since I’ve started training with you even my sisters – both whom are very active – keep asking me for tips from my trainer because they see how well I’m doing. I believe that it is really a bonus that you teach me so much about how much how the human body works (or doesnt) when in the past, no one ever bothered to share any kind of information like this with me until you. It is your encouragement of me to set and reach my own goals that really makes the difference. As I continue to lose the fat and gain the muscle, my own dedication to our training sessions grows…you are truly an inspiration Fatima and that makes me strive for more!

Mary Velardo
Ocean City, NJ



Before I met with Fatima I was in the worst shape I had ever been in. I use to exercise 5 days a week in group classes about 8 months before we met and didnt see results. Then I got lazy and didnt exercise as much and gained 8 pounds. I felt tired, unhealthy, and weak. I decided to train with Fatima and I started to see and feel results right away. I had more energy and felt stronger. The best advice she has given me is to throw away my scale and go with how you feel and how your clothes fit. Whenever I have an UGLY day Fatima would always tell me to just get back on track and get over it. She doesnt let me slack off and always pushes me to try harder and do my best all the time. I love it and look forward to each training session I have with her. She is the BEST!

Valerie Kim


In her seven years of employment at Las Vegas Athletic Clubs, Fatima Valeras has been one of the most reliable Instructors on our staff. Her excellent teaching abilities have always resulted in only positive feedback from her students

Her commitment to the Fitness Industry is evident in her continuing participation in education, her work in presenting education, as well as her recruitment of new instructors

One of our Instructors best summed up Ms. Valeras teaching and presenting abilities in one Sentence Take Fatimas class !she practices what she teaches!

Melanie Byrne
Group Fitness Director, Las Vegas Athletic Clubs



If you are considering whether or not to hire Fatima Valeras as a personal trainer, your search has come to a screeching halt. Fatima is not only educated, but she is driven to serve her clients with all that she has. Many trainers out there are completely unfocused and would rather hit on their clients then train them. Fatima is a stark contrast to that typical trainer. With her laser like focus, she watches your form, program, and more importantly your motivation with hawk like precision. As a colleague of Fatima ‘s, I would trust her to work with my mom or dad. In the training realm, that is a sign of utmost professional respect. You can’t go wrong working with Fatima . She is worth every penny.

Ryan Crandall

Certified Personal Trainer, Desert Valley Personal Training


Fatima’s no-nonsense approach to personal training is motivational and inspiring. As a co-worker and former client, as well as a fitness professional for 14 years, I have learned principles of biomechanics, supplementation, and wellness under her guidance. I have seen the results achieved by Fatima ‘s clients through diligent focus and hard work.

For those ready to make the life change to total body wellness I cannot imagine a more qualified, informed, or sound choice than Fatima Valeras of

Rick Taylor
Certified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer
Canyon Ranch SpaClub and Queen Mary 2



My husband joined the gym and bought me a one year membership -hoping I would use it. I was interested, but only if I was not intimidated by The Gym and the equipment it offered. I thought the best way to become comfortable would be to find a trainer that would be understanding of my concerns and be able to help me meet my goals. I would say that Fatima is an absolute wonder to the fitness world. She is incredibly focused on what is best for you as an individual. Fatima is very knowledgeable in weight training and nutrition. She is very thorough and observing of how an exercise is effecting your body and is able -at any point- to make an adjustment to (correct) that exercise (and help with form). Fatima Dear – I can’t say enough about your training ability and hope to one day be as physically fit and knowledgeable as you are!

Rosanna Garvey


For much of my life I have been an overweight individual with very poor eating habits. At different points in time I had tried exercising on my own, but never really felt like I was making any progress and I never found any enjoyment in exercising. Over the years, my sedentary lifestyle and my increasing waist line ate away at my self-esteem and my self-confidence. I had lost any and all belief that I could not only to lose weight, but be an overall healthy individual. It became hard for me to even look a photographs of myself because all I could see was how out-of-shape I was.

As a mother of four trying to raise children with healthy lifestyle habits, I realized that first I needed to do something about myself. This would be no easy feat since I knew I did not posses the needed determination or motivation to change my exercising habits on my own. Thus the quest for a personal trainer began. I wanted a trainer that would not treat me like every other trainee. I wanted a trainer that would consider my individual needs and that would supply the faith and motivation that I lacked. I wanted a trainer that would customize every moment of a work-out session just for me. Since the gym was the last place on earth that I wanted to be at, I also needed a trainer that would make my work-out sessions bearable. From all the trainers I spoke to, there was only one that fit my every requirement (and would eventually exceed them all): Fatima.

Fatima’s expertise in physical fitness coupled with her high level of professionalism

quickly removed any intimidation I had about exercising. Fatima individualized my work-out sessions to meet my needs and ability. She tracked my progress and made every session a challenge. Fatima emphasizes proper form while exercising to isolate muscle groups and to maximize benefits. Because of her intense focus on form while exercising, I don’t believe a muscle could twitch in my body without Fatima knowing about it. On days that I worked out on my own, Fatima outlined everything that I was to do and she set specific goals for me to reach. In the past, my gym experience consisted of me walking around equipment and wondering what I should do, how I should do it, and how long I should do it. Now I know what to do, how to do it, and when I have reached specific goals. And yes, I have even started to enjoy working out at the gym.

Fatima’s influence on my health habits, however, was not limited to the gym. Through literature, emails, and menu reviews, Fatima worked with me to develop healthy eating habits. I now consume fewer calories than I did before and get a greater satisfaction from the foods I do eat. The knowledge base that I have gained while working with Fatima will last me a lifetime.

In the relatively short time that I have been working out with Fatima, I have seen significant improvement in my overall fitness level. I feel stronger, my clothes are fitting looser, and my eating habits have dramatically changed for the better. The other day my son showed me a picture he took at a soccer field. In the picture was a back shot of a woman who looked like she was generally fit and who looked vaguely familiar to me. It took a few seconds, but I finally realized who that woman in the picture was…, it was me!

Sara de Martinez
Mother of Matthew 9yrs, Issac 8yrs, Alexia 7yrs, and Luke 6yrs


Fatima is an awesome personal trainer, motivator and educator. She looks at each person in an individualized manner to come up with the best plan for their needs. She really helped get me on track and focus my workouts. Fatima challenged my body and my mind to push harder then I thought I could. She really cares about her clients and gives you her full attention and expertise.

Tori Bowman
Licensed Massage Therapist


After surviving several car accidents in my early 20’s, I constantly suffered from back pain that no massage therapist or Chiropractor could cure.

The morning after my first session with Fatima , I woke up with NO back pain and felt great.

I continued to work with her for a year after and gain the strength and knowledge to feel confident going to the gym and working out correctly.

I do not know where I would be physically without her help.

Sara Kiper
Las Vegas, NV


When I first met Fatima she introduced me to a new term which described my physique, I was the “skinny fat” person.  I was thin but didn’t have much muscle tone, something I desperately wanted.  My inconsistent and mundane workout routine at the gym wasn’t giving me the results I desired.  I started to work out with Fatima and within weeks noticed myself becoming much stronger.  I was never able to do a single push-up but after training with Fatima I could actually do a set of 10 push ups!  My core is much stronger now and I am much more confident in the gym.

Fatima Valeras’s professionalism and seriousness encouraged me to work out harder.  She never changed her expectations of me even if I took a couple of days off from working out.  I appreciated her relentlessness to get me to achieve my fitness goals.  What is also great about her is that she is able to tailor our workouts depending on how I feel that day (i.e. if I had any pain or discomfort in a certain area, we focused on a different area). Each session was about me and for me.

Two of the most important things I’ve learned from Fatima, which has contributed to my success, is to 1) incorporate a more balanced menu with more lean protein and fiber into my diet and 2) to change my workout routine to include both body resistant and strength work, regularly.  Thru Fatima I have come to understand the meaning of being honest with my menu, about being consistent with my exercise, and about bringing a healthy mental status into my workouts and into my daily routine. To me, balancing these concepts is essential to achieving one’s fitness goals.

Maria Ibrem
Alexandria, VA


Testimonials from Clients in Their 40s…


I have always been an active person, but in the pursuit to get pregnant after the age of 35, I slowed down my workouts and successfully gave birth to a baby girl in October.  After the birth of my daughter, I barely exercised for the first three months.  I wanted to get my body back and start training for triathlons again.  I had previously met Fatima at LVAC and she impressed me with her friendliness and professionalism.  A few years later, I remembered her and got in contact with her at the beginning of the year.   As expected, we met and she was very thorough on exploring what my goals were and what my commitment level was.  Our first session she did not take it easy on me and I wasn’t sure I could do what she wanted me to do, but I did!  She pushes you to do more than you think you could on your own.  I trained hard during our sessions and she customized a fitness plan that would get me to my goals. Afterwards, I continued to do workouts on my own and do the strength training exercises I had learned while training with her.  After twelve weeks, I lost twelve pounds and I ran my first 5K in a record 25 minutes!!  I still have four more pounds to lose to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which I plan to lose before competing in the Iron Girl triathlon this spring.  Fatima is a no nonsense, goal oriented, personal trainer.  She is a stickler for good form, goes over your daily eating habits, and gives you important feedback to stay on track with you fitness goals.  I would recommend Fatima for her knowledge, commitment to helping you reach your goals, professionalism, and her passion for fitness.  Thanks Fatima!

Nicole S.
Las Vegas, NV


I met Fatima through my wife [Kimberly Turner (see above)] who had been working out with her for slightly more than a year. Fitness, through weight training and predominantly running, has always been an integral part of my adult life. Recently I was given a promotion. Along with the increased responsibility came longer hours at the office. My workout routine started to come unglued. My wife convinced me to meet with Fatima . I decided to begin a program with her simply to guarantee at least some quality in my workouts given the fact that the quantity of my workouts had been severely impacted. What I received in return was much more. It was awkward at first because I thought her methods were somewhat unorthodox. Soon I began to see results and was working out fewer times per week than I ever had historically. Fatima has taught me much about core body fitness, stretching and cross training.

As a 41 year old I have witnessed several peers sustain severe back and other types of injuries that I now believe resulted from poor core body fitness. I believe Fatima has provided me with a defense against similar types of injuries and a new approach to fitness.

Lt Col Trey Turner, USAF
Viginia Beach, VA



When I train with Fatima , we have a good understanding of one another. I am here to train and get in shape. She is there to train me and get me in shape.

No excuses. No complaints. No nothing, just work hard. The sessions are not social time to get caught up on the latest gossip. They are the time that we have set aside to work hard, sometime harder than I want, to and get results. If I did not see results, I would not continue to train with her.

Aaron Driben
Boston, MA


Fatima has positively impacted my life is so many ways. I have experienced significant physical and life style improvements. I feel healthier and I have more energy and stamina. Finding a trainer took some time. Fatima met all of the qualifications that I was looking for: she is very professional, not overbearing, and she has a tremendous knowledge base drawing from several disciplines to help me obtain my personal goals. Working with her has been a rewarding experience.

Becky Graham, RN
Mother of Justin, age 14 and Gabriella, age 9


I’ve worked with three different trainers in three different cities and I’ve never seen anyone as smart as Fatima . I have a bad knee, and was told I’d need surgery. But she designed a special program to build up the muscles around my knee, and guess what–no surgery necessary!

Fatima is positive and supportive and committed to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals and will go the extra mile. She’s the best!

Craig L.


I came to Fatima driven by necessity. Having reached my mid-forties while dodging exercise of any sort, a doctors physical announced my deskbound ways would have to go. Ideally, I should have mustered the discipline for change myself. Practically, I knew this would never happen. Overcoming a lifetime of bad habits would take a mentor.  Fatima’s guidance has surpassed my expectations in every way. A hallmark of her work is professionalism. She has not yet missed a session (I wish I could say the same). Moreover, her knowledge displays both breadth and depth, covering disciplines from yoga to free weights. And her mastery of these diverse areas soon becomes evident. She is always patient, ensuring that I follow the nuances of proper form to avoid injury while pacing our sessions to my advancing abilities (even if this progress probably strikes her as glacially slow). Perhaps best of all, I have found her persistently encouraging when I falter. Over my almost half-century of life I have made any number of foolish choices. Engaging Fatima has not been among them.

Valner Johnson


Fatima, thank you so much.  I never would have done it without you.  As you know, I have tried many trainers and many weight loss plans but without the diversity and intensity of my workouts with you, I would never have accomplished this.  You never let me quit and kept me driven to succeed. Looking forward to a great future and attaining my final goals with you.

Debbie Martinez


When I started working with Fatima , I already had years of working with personal trainers behind me. I thought that she would simply help me to continue the work I had already begun. I thought I was strong, I thought I knew what I needed, I thought I knew my way around a gym and I thought I knew about fitness. Well, I was wrong! Fatima has opened up a whole new world of fitness for me and shown me how much I didn’t know. She is continually teaching me about health, nutrition and fitness. Her knowledge about what the body needs and is capable of is astounding. She never stops learning and she never stops sharing her knowledge with her clients. I have benefited from my training with Fatima in ways I never expected. It has been more than three years now, off and on, that I have trained with Fatima. I have witnessed first hand her vast knowledge and experience of the body and its needs. My own needs, in terms of fitness, have changed over that time. I am woman in her forties and have experienced hormonal changes that have had a great impact on my body. Additionally, I developed tendonitis in my right hip and injured my back, twice. Through all of this, Fatima dealt with my issues capably and with enthusiasm and knowledge. She took them seriously and changed the focus of my training routine as needed. With each hurdle we faced, Fatima gave due consideration to my needs and when rest was required, she did not hesitate to order it. Fatima takes an individual approach with her clients, training each client according to their needs. She insists that her client’s commit to a fitness routine that includes overall health and nutrition; not just hours in the gym each week. She sets reasonable and achievable goals. Fatima continues to learn about health and nutrition and to impart that knowledge to her clients. In short, she is one of the best in the business.

Deborah Bookout

Attorney, Yogini and Adventure Traveler


Fatima has been a wonderful trainer in helping me to achieve my goals of increased fitness. As an avid yoga practitioner and horseback rider I have always been active to an extent; however, after several accidents and surgery I had decreased mobility in my leg, ankle and shoulder. Fatima has been great working with and around my “issues” while improving mobility and flexibility. My yoga practices and horseback riding has noticeably improved over the last 8 months! I have also added bike riding to and from the gym as part of my regular fitness routine. My next goal is to finally be able to complete a full yoga headstand, which it may take some time but with Fatima’s excellent training, I believe this will definitely be attainable.

Sheila Lehman, MS
Las Vegas, NV



I have been working out with Fatima for the past six months and I have to say that it has been a fantastic experience.  Not only have I gone a long way towards achieving my personal fitness goals, I have also developed a love for training and exercise that I could have never imagined.

Fatima has completely changed my fitness attitude.  I no longer train because I have to I train because I like to sweat and because I want to feel better about me.

Looking back, I used to give myself credit as a frequent gym attendee. Because I came in, figured that I must be have been exercising something, right? Well in just a few sessions, it is clear that the difference is in the guidance – how you spend your time at the gym is more important than how often you press start or go.

Instead a lot of unstructured, unplanned and essentially, unproductive moving-around, with Fatima I have come to recognize the importance of having an exercise plan and being consistent with my fitness goals one step at a time, each and every day.

As the mother of two competitive swimmers I can tell you that I am surrounded by inspiration and reminded of the will to win. Study, train, practice and repeat is the only way to have the energy to gets things done!

Lizelle Maritz
Bretoria, South Africa


My 4 day a week cardio work out was getting boring and at 43, my body needed a more rounded work out. I was struggling with the changes in my overall health as I hit my “40’s”.

I observed trainers at the Gym for a good 3 months. I was looking for a trainer that was serious about health and fitness and dedicated to the client during the sessions. I wanted someone that would design a work out for my body type, age and abilities, encourage me to work hard and keep it interesting.

The only choice for me was Fatima . The early morning sessions started my day out right. I looked forward to each session as I knew it would be challenging, and unique. Fatima paid attention to my strengths and weaknesses and the results I was looking for. She introduced me to new stretches, exercise techniques and Cardio options while guiding me in making healthier food choices.

After 4 months of sessions with Fatima , I’m feeling healthy and confident and I’m sleeping better. My overall body shape has changed. I’m leaner and the definition in my arms, legs and abs is noticeable. I feel great!

Marie Cannata


Training with Fatima has given me fantastic results.  As a former athlete and a newbie tri-athlete, I appreciate Fatima’s professional approach to every aspect of training; from the initial interview and fitness assessment, to analyzing weekly food diaries, triathlon nutrition, daily exercise habits and working around my physical constraints.

In avid pursuit of my goals, Fatima’s willingness to work around my hectic schedule, her flexibility and total support in providing me with workouts when either of us were out of town were invaluable.  I was able to stay on schedule with my training, maintain my eating habits and become more aware of what it takes to be physically fit while losing a pound a week!  Fatima’s continuous enthusiasm and zeal in helping me to achieve my goals inspires me to continue to make healthy life choices and pursue fun and challenging personal goals.

As a result of my training, I am lighter, more tone, have better balance and more energy and enthusiasm than I have had in the past 10 years.  If you are committed to enhance your life through a more physically fit, active and healthy lifestyle, Fatima is the trainer for you.  In addition to the physical aspect of our training, her work ethic, professionalism and integrity are without comparison. If you are serious about your goals, you are sure to achieve them through your own hard work and with Fatima’s unwavering support!

Laura Fead
High School Teacher


When I started to train with Fatima Valeras, I learned very quickly the value of hard work. Though Id worked out for more than 20 years, Id rarely broken a sweat. By determining my resting heart rate, she gave me tangible goals to reach for, and I have reached them. After five months of training with Fatima , I am 7 lbs stronger, and have turned 5 lbs of fat to muscle. Fatima is a true doctor of the body. Her close attention to my form in exercise has healed aches and pains Ive had for years, not to mention the new posture Ive achieved because of her work with my back muscles. I now understand the phrase of earning a better life by the sweat of your brow. She is, simply, the best, and working with her has encouraged me to strive for my own physical excellence.

Professor Claudia Keelan


About three years ago I started a personal training program with Fatima. My goals were quite simple strength and endurance. I’m a busy Hairstylist with two children I had just turned 40. Fatima has more than helped me fulfill those goals. She is constantly going to workshops and seminars and bringing back techniques and ideas that make a difference in my workouts and my life.

Just recently, for example, she had me start the 10k-A-Day [walking] program. I wear a pedometer to track how many steps I take a day with the goal being 10,000 steps a day. The first week I went from around 2,500 steps to 8,900 by simply just being aware of how much or little I was actually moving!

More important is how professional she is. When we train, she is totally focused on me and my training; not her cell phone or building her business or socializing with the other trainers.

Thanks Fatima, you have made a huge difference in the quality of my life.

Sandra Stucki
Trajiklihip Hairsalon


Over the past four years I have had the wonderful privilege of working with Fatima Valeras. Fatimas expertise and knowledge in exercise science has been outstanding. Fatima is self-motivated and instills this motivation in everyone she trains. As a personal trainer, Fatima continues to update her portfolio with certifications and continuing education. She has invaluable teaching experience, which allows her to communicate and work well with others.

Fatima is dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. She is extremely conscientious and hard working, always giving one hundred and ten percent. I have the utmost respect for her and her abilities.

Sue Feder, MS
Exercise Physiologist


I have been working with Fatima for only a few months, but I have noticed that my attitude towards working out has changed drastically in that short time.  Previously, working out was important, but other things could easily become more important than going to the gym.  Now, I look forward to the gym and my workouts with Fatima and they are a priority.  Workouts with Fatima are a priority mainly due to the fact that every workout is different, challenging and invigorating.  Fatima is the ultimate in encouraging me to work harder and to achieve things I didn’t know I could.  She listens to my goals and is constantly thinking of ways to help me reach those goals. She keeps great notes of every workout session and reviews those notes before each session I have with her.  I really enjoy working out with Fatima because she makes me feel great about myself and is a terrific motivator.

Violet R.
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN


Testimonials from Clients in Their 50s and Beyond…


In July of 2005 I realized that indoor cycling 6 days a week, occasional treadmill running and some mild strength training was not working in maintaining my fitness level and challenging myself. I was experiencing pain in my hips from to much indoor cycling, chronic lower back, shoulder and neck pain from a profession that requires extensive business travel. Plus I had put on 7 lbs. In June I turned 60 and the first thing I did on that day was take serious stock of my physical activity, diet and work related stress level. I knew I needed to make some serious changes. I had taken Fatimas indoor cycling and Yoga classes, noted that she was a personal trainer so I did some checking on her certifications and professional expertise while also evaluating other personal trainer options. Fatima stood out as far above any other individual and I easily confirmed that when meeting with her to discuss her skills and expertise and what I needed to change in order to get back on track. Together we set realistic, but challenging goals and objectives. Among those goals were diet modification, cross training, correct positioning and stretching and muscle re-training that focuses on increased mobility, strengthening and conditioning. Sessions with Fatima are very focused and challenging both physically and mentally. With Fatima as my coach, trainer and mentor within 3 months I met the goals we established and am ready to take on the next level of performance challenges. If you are serious about your health and physical conditioning I highly recommend Fatima.

Diane Meireis
Athlete and Ohma to 4yr. old twin boys, Austin and Hunter


This year I turned 60 and though I have worked out for years, I had lost most of my flexibility, gained a few extra pounds and developed a chronic knee problem. [Thru my wife, Diane Meireis (see above)] a few months ago I decided to try and reverse this situation and started working with Fatima . Since then I have lost over 20 pounds, balanced the muscles in my legs, reducing the pressure and discomfort on my knee, and in general have made good progress towards getting my flexibility back. I still have a long way to go, but I am now headed in the right direction and am confident I will continue to maintain this new found lifestyle. Her knowledge of the body functions, muscle system, nutrition, etc. is impressive, but her real strength is being able to analyze her clients needs and adapt a wide variety of exercises, stretches or diet advice that work for each client to get the results they desire. I have a high degree of confidence and respect in Fatimas ability and recommend her services to anyone serious about taking their physical conditioning and health to the next level and keeping it there.

Craig Meireis
Apple Valley, CA



I was 54 years old and too heavy, too little conditioned, and too little motivated to do anything about it.especially if it was difficult. My business associate recommended that I hire a personal trainer and recommended Fatima Valeras, a well known personal trainer operating out of the Las Vegas Athletic Clubs. It has quite simply been the single best decision I have made in the past year!

I can tell you how incredibly good and dedicated Fatima is with each of her clients but maybe personal results will speak louder. I am:

1.23 pounds lighter of which 28 pounds lost is fat and 5 pounds gained of muscle.

2.I am more flexible.

3.I eat better and much better foods.

4.I am now in the gym more days and for more hours than I am in training with Fatima.

5.I will continue to lose pounds and inches and gain muscle because Fatima has instilled in me a way of life that eagerly includes the gym.

If you are looking to make a real change in your life and the vehicle you live that life in, call and/or contact Fatima. You WILL be saying to others as I am saying to you, that it was the best decision you made in the past year as well.

PS-Im the big (but getting smaller) guy in the bright tie-dyed shirts. Stop by and say hello. Well swap Fatima stories and undoubtedly laugh loudly together!

Doug Schuster


Training with Fatima keeps me focus and motivated; always challenging and different, never boring; therefore becoming successful in obtaining my goals. What I have learned with Fatima as far as my approach to working out and fitness will stay with me for lifetime; it is now part of my everyday routine.

Fatima trains you as an individual, therefore working hard with you to be your best. I am not just someone else who needs to lose weight; I am special.

Elsie Reiley
Henderson, NV



I love training with Fatima ! She is extremely knowledgeable about many training modalities. The result is amazing cross-training and never any boredom she always keeps it fresh and fun. Her knowledge of multiple ways to train is a powerful benefit. For example, if one exercise is too difficult because of a tight muscle, Fatima will know of an alternative way to do the movement that protects that tight muscle. She may know of several alternatives! Likewise her knowledge of yoga, pressure points therapy, and sports massage techniques helps me open up tight muscles and allows me to go farther in my training. I really appreciate that she has been responsive to my personal needs. At our first meeting, I told her that one goal I had was to have a weight training program I could do on my own, when I wasnt able to train with her. The result is that I now have the benefit of a set program I do alone plus the benefit of varied work when Im training with her. In addition, Fatima is brilliant at giving me exercises that are perfectly tailored both to my ability and my needs. Our training focuses on particular challenges I have due to lots of sitting and computer work. She is always pushing me to work harder and become stronger, but always by building incrementally on what I can do. This allows me to experience the accomplishment of improvement without the frustration of total defeat. I think this is a key skill for a personal trainer to have. Fatima Valeras professionalism is outstanding. I have tried working with several other trainers in the past, but I was not satisfied with any of them because they were unreliable (didnt show up or showed up late) or because they didnt seem to know much about training. Fatima always shows up on time, she responds promptly to phone calls and emails, and she takes notes every time we train. She also responds to my questions seriously with solid, fact-based information. This means that I not only have the greatest respect for her, but also that our training time together is maximally productive which is critical for a busy professional!

Marsha Peterson, PhD
Recent Law School Graduate